How to Increase Engagement with Brand Tweeting During Events.

News 08:03 March 2024:

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The world has been reduced to a global village by the fact that one can be able to follow current events of one end of the world from another end of the world. People get thrilled when they follow along current happenings as they unfold. They can include anything from sporting events to conferences. Live events elicit huge conversations on social networks where people interact jovially and openly discussing the ongoing event.


How can brands and businesses maximize on their live events to gain the brand popularity as well as increase visibility? Sharing some insight of the featured event in form of videos, picture as well as use of hashtag are all inventive ways to interact with audience during the events.

So how can brands utilize their events effectively to generate more likes to their content during the event as well as thereafter.


Promotion of the event should start early


As a brand, your aim is to increase brand popularity using the event,so before the event is underway, let your followers know that you are just about to hold a major event and you would engage them during the event.

Then dive into the major announcements, speaker lineup, and any other big announcement. You can even take a short video or take some pictures of the event venue or anything that would act as an early promotional content.


Starting strategic promotional way before the event is underway acts as a notification inviting followers to participate when the event is finally underway. You will begin the change caused by the call to action where by lokes will increase as well as other engagement forms such as retweets and favoring.


use different hashtags for different events


organizations hold various multiple events per year. An interested audience trying to find a specific event among the many events can be problematic. However, the use of hashtags can ease this and help different audience locate the event that they want.


Use of hashtags that are searchable helps improve targeted marketing strategy, which entails twitter users interested in a specific service or product searching using the hashtag


Share videos or pictures of  top event content


Among the  many events that organizations hold, there are those ones that attracts lots of engagement. Reposting them again after some time may help elicit interest from those who never attended the event or just interest from rekindled memories of the event.


This is a good way to boost engagement once again. You can use this approach of reposting those evergreen event contents, but don’t overuse this strategy to ensure that your audience doesn’t get bored by seeing the same content posted repeatedly.

In conclusion

Brands are always holding events for different reasons, some for brand promotion, corporate events or just some social event. Whatever the event it is, followers of a brand wants to be kept in the inner circles and know whatever is under way. By inviting followers to engage with your brand during the event you are both building strong relationships as well as putting the name of the brand out there in a creative way.

4 Effective ways to use Twitter Likes to Increase Engagement


Sometimes you may be getting loads of twitter likes on every content you post on your account, but you don’t see any significant change in the engagement rate. Here are some factors you may have not considered that may be slowing down the rise in engagement rate, Read on.


Your DM may still be off


Twitter is about nurturing relationships, which acts as the building block of brand trust and loyalty, which in any case you need to earn if you are to survive competition. One effective method of nurturing this relationship is ensuring that your direct messaging is switched on. Some users would not prefer sending their tweets to the public chat wall, hence will obviously seek to direct massage you. this feature is always switched off by default so you need to check your account’s privacy settings and turn it on. This feature has gained much popularity of late with clients and other interested persons who don’t feel comfortable reaching out through the public tweeting.


Twitter moments


Twitter has launched a new feature that allows people to tell their story through gathering a collection of tweets about a specific topic of interest and share them. Storytelling feature is just another way of moving the interaction of twitter users to another level and binding then together as one community. Businesses and brands can use this feature to enhance their grip on their fans. The topics introduced in twitter story telling can be diverse from politics, environmental issues to trending topic. In any case, ensure that the content is compelling enough to deserve a retweet, like or favorite.


Customer service tool


Twitter can be used as a powerful customer service tool. Through twitter, you can answer customer queries concerning your business operations as well as handle critics who may have not been satisfied with your services. Be careful though about how you handle such voices since these are some of the things that determines your business credibility.


Ensure that responses to queries are handled within the fastest time possible. One happy customer whose tweet was answered timely can spread the word about your brand’s credibility hence earning you more fans and more leads to your business.


Keep track on the engagement analysis


Now that your content is getting scores of likes, it is time to get a deeper analysis of the engagement that each content attracts. There are obviously those tweets you tweeted that attracted more engagement than others did. Analyzing them will enlighten you more on what type of content your fans want you to share.

Going through the conversations that your fans are having will also inform you about the content type that the fans prefer.


Twitter users will appreciate your efforts if you reach out to them in a way that shows that you care about them. However, ensure you don’t look like you are selling out. Capitalize on building strong relationships and with time new leads will be flowing to your business without having to sell out to them.